Why your skincare products aren’t giving you results

Skincare is a tricky subject, and sometimes it can be difficult. We are supposed to get our skin products, use them on our skin and magically see results, but that sometimes doesn’t happen. A lot of the times we even spend more money on skincare, we start using it and we see no results whatsoever, or our skin gets even worse than it was before. But there is hope, there are a few reasons why you aren’t seeing results with your skincare, and we are going to provide you some suggestions to change that. 

The first problem is a misconception about the duration of use. Results on your skin really vary depending on what ingredients you are using and what you are looking to solve. For example, wanting your skin to be really hydrated will have a different timetable than wanting to get rid of acne or other imperfections. Each issue on our skin is very different, which means it needs different ingredients to help it, which means it’s also going to take a different amount of time to see results. And as fun as it is to imagine overnight results, the reality is skincare takes a lot of time to see those results that you want.

Rarely a healthy skincare is about seeing instant results, it’s more about doing steps every single day to ensure that your skin looks good. And depending on how much damage your skin has or what you are looking to get rid of, that timeline can really vary a lot. Also, every ingredient has a different timetable to be effective. 

Reason number two that you are not seeing results with your skincare it’s about using the wrong treatments. Sometimes, because of the big amount of products out there, we get a little confused as to what product is supposed to do what. Maybe if you have oily skin and you are using products for dry skin, that could be why you aren’t seeing results, ore viceversa. This is why it’s important to read the ingredient list, to understand what ingredient does what, and if it’s good for your skin.

The third reason why you aren’t seeing results is because you may be using skincare products after someone you know recommended it. This is a very popular problem, but everyone’s skin is different, and just because it works for your friend, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you as well. Be careful on taking recommendations when it comes to skincare, unless who is giving them to you has exactly your skin type.

So, don’t worry if you don’t see results really quickly, that is normal, but don’t give up! We really hope that this article will help you figuring out what are you doing wrong with your skincare, and how to improve it. If you need more suggestions, please fill in the form that you can find right here, one of our Skin Specialist will contact you as soon as possible.


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