Jade roller: what is it and how to use it

After spending a lot of time on Social Media, thanks to the many moments at home, you will have probably came across a beauty blogger talking about the jade roller. It’s normal to be skeptical about this beauty trend, but many experts have put it to the test to prove you that it’s actually effective. 

But, what is a jade roller? 

A jade roller is a face massaging tool, actually made out of the semi-precious stone called jade. This natural stone is made out of minerals which are amazing for the detoxing process of the lymphatic system. Jade stone has, in fact, natural healing abilities, and can help you minimize any signs of puffiness, early aging as well as under eye bags. If you use it regularly it will even help to improve the blood circulation as well as lymphatic drainage. It sounds too good to be true, but you will see visibile results sooner than you think. 

You can use the jade roller with a serum or a moisturizing cream, for example with our Oxygen & Hyaluronic Boosting Moisturiser, to fully hydrate your skin. You can also use the roller right after just freezing it in your fridge for a short while: the icy cold stone will help significantly in reducing puffiness, and it’s also great if you’ve woken up with a swollen face. 

Make sure to hydrate your skin well before using it, this will help the roller to massage your skin effortlessly, without tugging or pulling it. Start by placing the larger end of the jade roller on your chin, applying medium pressure, and roll it towards your ear. Use the small end under your eyes, apply medium pressure as well, and roll from the inner eye towards the outer corner. 

Don’t forget to pass it even on your neck: start by placing the larger side of the roller at the clavicle, using light pressure and an up and down motion.Your last step is to always clean your jade roller after using it with warm water and soap. 

While the jade roller can’t be the solution to any skin concern, it’s definitely a fun must have for your beauty collection. With the help of good products, it will leave your skin looking plump and rejuvenated. 

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